Email Mailing List of Electricians and Electrical Contractors


Welcome to the Directory of Electricians and Electrical Contractors…Your Information Gateway To 18,997 Online Contacts at 11,177 Businesses in the USA.


So if you’d like to promote your goods or services and increase your sales then take at look at what information is included:-


Total Number of Records: 18,997   – all records include an email address contact.
Electricians/Electrical Contracting Firms:  11,117*  ( more than one email address contact at each Business is often provided )
Website Domain Names:  11,298*
Email Address Contacts:  18,997*
CASS Verified Full Postal Addresses:  75% of Records
Incomplete Postal Address: 25% of records but all such records include Email Addresses
Telephone #: 95% of records
*Unique records
The Directory was last updated during August 2015.

See over 5,000 example records from the Directory:-

Full email addresses are made available in the Directory but are not shown in this publicly available screenshot video. Not all records include a full postal address and/or a telephone number – please see above for full details.  

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* csv files will open in Excel and most other spreadsheet and database programs.   electrician



contractors       Text Version:  Are you seeking an Email List of Electricians, a Database of Electricians and Electrical Contractors, a Mailing List of Electricians containing their email addresses? If so, please visit the above links. If you are a supplier of goods and/or services to electricians and electrical contractors and have been searching for ways to expand sales ?  If so, The E-mail Directory of Electricians and Electrical Contractors  may well provide what you are looking for. The Directory is an email and address list that provides an extensive database of potential clients in the electrical industry. It is meant specifically for suppliers of goods and services to electricians and electrical contractors. It aims to help you to grow your  business via e-mail mailing and direct mailings. The Directory  includes  22,000 unique e-mail mail addresses in North America.   What sets our Business Email Lists apart from its competitors is that it always provides only the most accurate and most updated information . Getting an e-mail list may be easy, but acquiring high-quality leads is often difficult. Only the Email Directory of Electricians and Electrical Contractors can provide you with the following benefits:


              • Profit-Pulling Data – The Directory holds records of thousands electricians and electrical contractors in North America. Currently, there are more than 27,000 unique e-mail addresses included in the list. All can be used to better improve your marketing campaign.








            • Essential Contact Details – Whether you want to focus on emailing your potential clients or you want to call them by phone or send them traditional marketing letters, pertinent information is provided. Over 13,000 website names are listed  along with 1.000’s of telephone numbers. Even postal addresses can be obtained through the Directory. 




              • Affordable – Directory is available for $ 195.00 only




              • Assurance –  Subject to our Business Conditions we guarantee the deliverabilityof the email addresses we provide. 


We will also publish a UK Directory of Electricians, please click here for fuller information. And from July 2014 a list of Australian Electricians. The Power of Email List Marketing E-mailing sales messages has become an exceptional solution in obtaining more customers for companies of all sizes. More customers mean more profits. If you have more than enough revenue, there are unlimited possibilities, particularly in the development of your business. The Email Directory and Database of Electricians and Electrical Contractors will help you to build and strengthen your client base.  All the email addresses and other contact details are regularly and thoroughly updated to ensure no e-mail bounces.      Blog