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electrical contractor


Electricians are used in almost all industries of the economy and therefore a comprehensive e-mail marketing list of electricians would be on great demand. Already, a number of business people are selling mailing lists of electricians, but one needs to screen each of them well before buying. It is only beneficial to buy an e-mail list whose data will help increase efficiency in the business. A committed firm that is compiling a list of electricians will definitely include fields of data that the user can localize or personalize to fit certain criteria.


Some Qualities of a Good Database


  • Indicates the state


It would make more economic sense to engage a good electrician from the neighborhood than from far off because transport costs are factored into the overall cost of the job.


  • Indicates the  physical address


This is important especially when the client is paying a down payment or when there is a guarantee period. Still without that, one should be able to trace down the electrician in the course of work.


  • Has an active e-mail address


  • Has an active postal address


  • Indicates memberships that the firm  belongs to


A firm that is a member of a professional body usually works ethically because professional bodies have a code of ethics that members are expected to adhere to. There is, therefore, minimal risk engaging such a firm.


  • Has indicators of general pricing


It is good to be able to have a feel of what the market price is at any particular time so as not to get short-changed.


  • Has references


If an e-mail mailing list of electricians shows some firms that have great businesses in their profiles, one may feel comfortable engaging the services of one of them. One can also conveniently consult them for feedback on the electrician’s competence and reliability.


  • A database that is easy to re-configure and an adjustable e-mail list.



Very many people would benefit from a list of electricians’ directory because identifying one for either a quick domestic job or a complex project is bound to be easy. It also becomes easy to tell a credible electricians’ firm from a questionable one and also one with little capacity from a big one with huge capacity.


Potential Buyers of  a Database Directory and Marketing List of Electricians


ü  Home owners


These may need to check out a suitable electrician for domestic wiring and maintenance of domestic electrical appliances.


ü  Real estate agents


ü  Property developers


ü  Event organizers


ü  Power generating companies


ü  Educational institutions, hospitals, municipalities, and many other non-governmental organizations


ü  Business owners, e.g. hoteliers, garages, etc.